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Discover Enchanting Nature in Madagascar

Lemur Paradise Exotour is a USA-based, woman-owned company with a mission to promote wildlife conservation and make your travel an economic benefit to the people and endemic fauna of Madagascar. We offer services tailored to your personal travel needs and dream vacations, with a special focus on giving back to the United States community, especially veterans. Since its inception, Fabiola, who was born and raised in Madagascar, has been captivated by the island’s rich natural beauty. With her experiences as a traveler, she has made a dream come true by creating her own travel agency.
Through our travel agency, we offer a range of travel services tailored to your needs, including excursions on and off the beaten path, tailor-made, ready-made, and escorted tours. All tours are designed to make your trip meaningful and give back to the people and wildlife of Madagascar. From birdwatching to kayaking, from walking in nature to sailing, and more, we can create customized trips for you.
Additionally, we offer services for both leisure and business travel needs. Imagine traveling to one of the world’s most fascinating wildlife destinations, experiencing wildlife beyond compare, giving back to the local communities, and finishing with a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Customers who book itineraries through our services will get access to a number of custom-tailored activities, including local guided tours, to help make their stay in Madagascar as enriching as possible.
Lemur Paradise Exotour offers you the opportunity to explore Madagascar’s abundant natural beauty while giving back to the country and its people. Make your dreams come true and book your extraordinary Madagascar experience today!

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