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At our core, as a tour operator, we are committed to supporting local communities and wildlife conservation efforts in Madagascar. Our goal is to guide you through the natural wonders of the island while ensuring a positive impact on its ecosystems and wildlife. Whether it's a wildlife safari, chameleon hunt, beach tour, city tour, or a combination of these, we have packages for you.

Whichever tour you choose, the lemurs will steal the show for you. For those who don’t know yet, lemurs are Madagascar's most popular and internationally acclaimed ambassadors. Our most famous lemur species are the indigo lemur, black-and-white makasihina lemur, black lemur (the most common lemur), and Coquerel’s sifaka lemur.

When it comes to Responsible Tourism, our business gives back to the community, especially the vets and citizens. For this, we set up recycling equipment to give a good example of how to leverage the tourism industry positively. Furthermore, we strive to stimulate employment in the different villages that host us.

That aside, we are here for responsible tourism and to reach a win-win situation to share best practices and establish meaningful collaborations with our communities. Therefore, we run tours and support fair trade and trust-building programs, such as eco and cultural tourism, to help local people improve their livelihoods and protect their natural heritage.

Let’s make this trip a meaningful one, and get ready to experience unique moments and encounters while making a positive impact on the island’s wildlife and local communities. Together, we can inspire change, and we invite you to come along and join us on this remarkable journey.

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