LET’S GO!!!!


Found off the east coast of Africa, Madagascar may seem an unusual destination for children, but it has plenty to offer. Eighty percent of Madagascar's flora and fauna is endemic and consequently there is a huge amount to discover.

The animals found here are no threat to humans and therefore it is very safe to explore the endless parks on foot. All hotels are very family-friendly, with pools at certain properties and safe snorkelling all along the coast. You need to be robust to travel in Madagascar as there are sometimes delays in the internal flights and bumpy roads along the way, but the experiences, friendly people, and wildlife will make the holiday wonderful.

In many places lemurs are habituated to humans and you can see them from very close quarters. Exotic fruit can be bought from local stalls and you drive through cocoa plantations and rice paddies; there's a lot to see and do.

We ideally recommend Madagascar for children ages seven and above.